"You will be able to go out to go to work if you have to, to go shopping for the things you need when you need them, to study, to provide care or to get care," he said. , register or subscribe to save articles for later. It's a pandemic. "I'll appeal to Victorians, don't for a moment think that you could flout these rules and travel into country Victoria," he said. "Regional Victoria has very, very few cases and vast parts of regional Victoria have no cases. For people who do live in regional Victoria, not much of today's announcement applies to you. It will be tragic. Stage-four restrictions in Melbourne, which include a night-time curfew, will be extended for two weeks to 28 September, with Daniel Andrews declaring: “We can’t run out of lockdown.” The curfew, travel limits and some other elements of stage four will then remain in place until 26 October. And unless this is done safely and steadily that simply won’t happen.”. Regional Victoria, now under stage-three restrictions, would move “a step ahead of metropolitan Melbourne”, the premier said. Catch up on all the key points here. It will come into effect from midnight on Wednesday and will last for six weeks. “We have to take steady and safe steps out of lockdown.”. Passengers were given an information sheet and asked to present themselves if they had a fever or suspect they might have the disease. The six weeks means we have three of those full cycles. The deputy prime minister, Michael McCormack, called for a more flexible approach to regional areas arguing that “re-opening the border at Mildura should not be reliant on case numbers in Wodonga”. "We're on the cusp of something very, very bad if we don't take these steps today," he said. Victoria has recorded 19,538 cases in 2020. Anthony Piovesan NCA NewsWire July 7, 2020 4:54pm “The worst outcome for everyone is the need to have repeated lockdowns with the uncertainty, never knowing from week to week what we’re doing. Childcare would reopen, as would a number of industries. The lockdown was lifted in April after 11 weeks, four weeks fewer than Melbourne's shutdown is due to last. Before the pandemic, about 24,000 people visited Bourke Street — one of Melbourne's busiest streets — on an average day. "There's a number, on the advice of the chief health officer, of very low public health risk activities that will be permitted that were not permitted last time, but the most important point to make around exercise is that you can't be going on a four-hour bushwalk hundreds of kilometres away from Melbourne.". If you don't have a lawful excuse, then there are significant penalties that will apply.". Victoria’s deputy chief health officer, Prof Allen Cheng, said the modelling suggested that “if we relax too early we risk a loss of control and … another lockdown”. In a joint statement with the health minister, Greg Hunt, and treasurer, Josh Frydenberg, the prime minister said the federal government “would like to see restrictions in Victoria lifted as soon as it is safe to do so” but the decision was “solely for the Victorian government”. "That will be more than inconvenient. Premier Daniel Andrews said further restrictions were necessary, as stage three lockdown would take up to six months to stem the spread of the virus. There are, however, some changes to restrictions taking place from Sunday 13 September: Two people or a household can meet for up to two hours of exercise. The state on Sunday announced 671 new cases of COVID-19 and seven deaths. "It is simply impossible with case rates at this level to have enough contact-tracing staff, to have enough physical resources no matter where they come from, no matter what uniform they wear, in order to continue to suppress and contain this virus without taking significant steps.". This is designed to keep it that way," he said. State police charged a protester with assault after an officer suffered cuts to the head during an anti-lockdown rally in Melbourne on Saturday. Metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire will re-enter lockdown from Wednesday. "I hope very soon to be able to be before you again talking about further easing of restrictions in regional Victoria. One Australian state just began its toughest lockdown yet, with Stage 4 travel restrictions for the Greater Melbourne area and a Stage 3 Stay at Home lockdown for regional Victoria. Mr Andrews said there would be some differences to this stay-at-home order compared to the one imposed on Victorians earlier this year. Melbourne and some towns in regional Victoria have been ordered back into lockdown for six weeks from midnight on Wednesday after the state recorded 191 new cases of COVID-19. News Melbourne heads into 6-week lockdown as infections spike. 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Melbourne was placed under stage-four lockdown on 2 August while regional Victoria was put under stage three. Lockdown 2.0 in Melbourne, with a curfew and locals told to stay within five kilometres of their homes. No Victorian does," he said. Those numbers are far beyond those in any other Australian state or territory at the moment. ... start date not confirmed despite reports We have to be clear with each other that this is not over," he said. Melbourne residents will see the city's Stage 4 lockdown extended by at least another two weeks under the government's roadmap to reopening the state. Morrison labelled the lockdown “crushing news for the people of Victoria and a further reminder of the impact and costs that result from not being able to contain outbreaks of Covid-19”. Andrews said the decision to extend lockdown was “not a 50-50 choice”. All of these steps would be subject to health advice, Andrews said. One that will do even more damage than this pandemic has already done. Melbourne lockdown, lack of titled lots drives 28pc sales slump. Mr Andrews said the number of cases in Mitchell Shire was concerning, and it was crucial the virus did not spread further into regional areas. “The roadmap released today is a Victorian government plan.”. He said not taking significant action now would mean thousands more cases, and most likely more deaths. "I want to be clear with you. This service may include material from Agence France-Presse (AFP), APTN, Reuters, AAP, CNN and the BBC World Service which is copyright and cannot be reproduced. Stage four lockdown in Melbourne, a city of five million, is due to end in less than a month.. As the number of new daily infections continues to decrease, Victoria's extreme efforts to slow the spread of the deadly infection are starting to show promising signs. Schools would also return from grades prep to two and also years 10, 11 and 12 for VCE and Vcal studies. "If we were to fail to take those steps, then it won't be a couple of hundred cases per day, it will be many more than that and spiral well and truly out of control," he said. The 5km travel limit will also be lifted. The extended lockdown means thousands of people will be unable to return to work before the federal government reduces the fortnightly rate of the jobkeeper and jobseeker payments, which will taper off from the end of September. From 23 November, outdoor gatherings will increase to 50 people, Melbourne residents will be allowed to have up to 20 visitors in their home, all retail and hospitality will be open with 20-person limits in restaurants, real estate will open, and wedding and funerals will return to normal. "These are unsustainably high numbers of new cases," the Premier said. The roadmap closely follows the version leaked on Saturday. Follow our live coverage for the latest news on the coronavirus pandemic, Follow our live coverage of the US election aftermath. Andrews said he had “continued discussions” with the prime minister, Scott Morrison, about providing ongoing support for Victorians, but would not go into those discussions publicly. Victoria has officially confirmed stage four restrictions will be introduced in Melbourne as coronavirus cases skyrocket. The second lockdown kicked off on July 9, and according to City of Melbourne data, there is a marked increase in the number of people moving about the city this time. I know that. Victoria’s premier has apologised for having to extend tough lockdown conditions in Melbourne for six more weeks as Australia’s second largest city works to contain the second wave of Covid-19 cases that has caused 646 deaths to date. "Let's not see it as simply an inconvenience. Melbourne was placed under stage-four lockdown on 2 August while regional Victoria was put under stage three. There is no doubt Melbourne’s lockdown was and is particularly extreme for its circumstances. I think each of us know that we've got no choice but to take these very, very difficult steps.". “I know there will be some industries … disappointed they are not on that list but whenever you draw a line, there will always be different groups on either side of it,” Andrews said. “Because if we did that we wouldn’t be opening up at all, we would simply be beginning a third wave. “We can’t run out of lockdown,” he said. It's much more than that. Regional Victoria stage 3 restrictions explained, closely follows the version leaked on Saturday, if the stage-four restrictions were lifted before daily case numbers fell below 25 the figures could “rebound”. Nearly five million residents of greater Melbourne and the Mitchell Shire have entered a very different world, with a new six-week lockdown coming into effect. Mr Andrews said there were currently more than 770 active cases in the state. Victoria's first weekend since harsher social distancing laws were implemented will start with a ban on all but the most basic outdoor activities. Australia's coronavirus lockdown – the first 50 days Fri 1 May 2020 16.00 EDT 12.33 EDT O n 12 March, two weeks after Australia declared the coronavirus would become a … People in these areas can only leave their homes for the purposes of: There will only be three reasons to cross the border into these areas: Study and work if it cannot be done from home. MELBOURNE: Australia's second-biggest city will this week exit its coronavirus lockdown following nearly four months under onerous restrictions, authorities announced Monday, after no … Missed it? Earlier today, Premier Daniel Andrews announced that stage 4 lockdown will stay in place for another two weeks after the initial date of Sunday 13 September, until at least Monday 28 September. Victoria premier Daniel Andrews says existing restrictions with minor changes will remain in place until 28 September, First published on Sat 5 Sep 2020 23.10 EDT. Melbourne’s The Age newspaper and others reported a letter sent by Australian Open tournament director Craig Tiley to players which made reference to a Feb. 8 start date. “Pretending it’s over because we want it to be, that is not something I will do,” he said. The death toll rose by two to 106 on Monday. Victoria declares state of disaster as Melbourne goes into stage 4 lockdown with an 8pm curfew Adrian Esterman - August 2, 2020 5 MIN READ Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has announced that metropolitan Melbourne will move to “stage 4” restrictions from 6pm Sunday, as … And it will kill thousands of people if it gets completely away from us. Outdoor gatherings will increase to 10 people and up to five guests will be allowed in a home from “another nominated household” – meaning the so-called bubble system will be extended. Sunday’s announcement follows the release of modelling by the University of Melbourne and the University of New England, which said that if the stage-four restrictions were lifted before daily case numbers fell below 25 the figures could “rebound”, sending Victoria into a third wave and risking another lockdown by Christmas. You can't leave metropolitan Melbourne to get your daily exercise. He confirmed the lockdown would apply to all of metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire. - Melbourne lockdown to end - key dates and restrictions to be lifted - Explainer: Shopping centres, ... First week without community transmission since start of pandemic an hour ago. Melbourne's coronavirus restrictions will start easing from 11:59pm Tuesday, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews says. Premier Daniel Andrews reinstated stay at home restrictions across metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire, to the north of the city, to take effect from 11.59pm on July 8. “Until we put this out, until we contain this properly, we cannot open up,” Andrews said. The lockdown announcement comes as Victoria recorded 191 new coronavirus cases today — the highest daily increase in cases since the pandemic started. “You can’t do anything but follow the best health advice, otherwise … we will just be beginning to lose control again of this virus.”. Victoria state was the epicentre of Australia's second wave, accounting for more than 90% of its 905 deaths. Metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire will re-enter lockdown from Wednesday. Masks are compulsory across Victoria. Mr Andrews said there was no doubt today's announcement was tough to swallow, but it was necessary. Key Points. Premier Daniel Andrews reveals Victoria’s roadmap for exiting the coronavirus lockdown. “You can’t argue with this sort of data,” he said. "There's no change to the rules in regional Victoria but there are still rules and they need to be followed," the Premier said. "I think a sense of complacency has crept into us as we let our frustrations get the better of us. “This has got to be done in a safe and steady way.”. There will also be a phased return to working from the office for those working from home. I get it. “We have come this far now. By 9News Staff. Just 18,338 tests were conducted yesterday, considerably lower than the more than 38,000 recorded in New South Wales for the same period, where 10 new cases were recorded on Sunday. "And we'll only be able to achieve that if we continue to contain within metropolitan Melbourne and not see large outbreaks or additional cases in regional Victoria.". “I want to get the place open and I want to keep it open. The second wave of infections has been traced back to failures in the state-run hotel quarantine program, which is now subject to a public inquiry. "It gives us the data that's so important to us, understanding where the virus is and what challenge we face.". The state recorded 63 new cases on Sunday and five new deaths, all of which were linked to aged care. Stage four includes curfew from … Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews announced these new measures in an hour-long press conference on Tuesday. Melbourne will finally exit lockdown this week after nearly four months as the Australian city records zero new infections or deaths. Australia starts lockdown measures as coronavirus cases jump Beachgoers are seen at sunrise at Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia, on March 22, 2020. "Of course there are many thousands more close contacts who are being worked with in terms of trying to contain the spread of the virus and our public health team is doing that very important work as best they possibly can," he said. "'Cusp of a second wave', 'second wave', what people want to call this is entirely irrelevant.". On 23 January, biosecurity officials began screening arrivals on flights from Wuhan to Sydney. From 26 October, if the daily average has fallen to fewer than five new cases a day, the curfew will lift and there will be no restrictions on the reasons people can leave home. The tournament was scheduled for Jan. 18-31 at Melbourne Park, which is the tournament’s regular slot late in the southern summer holidays. There are 1,872 active cases in Victoria, of which just 98 are in regional areas. Start your free trial. Mr Andrews said there was not much chance of this latest round of restrictions ending early, even if cases got under control before the end date. Space to play or pause, M to mute, left and right arrows to seek, up and down arrows for volume. The government and chief health officer admit they’re now unsure whether Melbourne will be able to take the next step out of lockdown on October 19.